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Three Tips for the Best Costa Rica Experience

It's not every day you hop on a plane and jet off somewhere new, but if Costa Rica is your next travel destination, I have a few tips for you!As a Central American country famous for its gleaming coastlines, rainforests, and cultural institutions, Costa Rica holds many reasons why you should be visiting soon. I want to help you make the most out of your trip!


Anytime you are planning a trip, you should always consider the weather. Weather plays a factor in the price of the trip, the number of people visiting a destination, and enjoyment of the trip. Seriously, no one wants to get rained out every day! In Costa Rica, average temperatures fall between 70° and 80° Fahrenheit all year round! With very little temperature change throughout the year, you don't have to worry about Costa Rica being too cold. The most important weather factor when it comes to Costa Rica is RAIN! The dry season takes place between December and April. The rainy season occurs between May and November.  Costa Rica may not be the place you want to visit in the summer.


Costa Rica is a small country. Often, people are excited to rent a car and see the whole country in one week. While it is a very small country, driving in Costa Rica takes much longer than you would expect. The infrastructure is lacking a bit and the roads in Costa Rica are curvy, bumpy, and narrow. Many roads have only one lane, which leads to a lot of congestion. Needless to say, If you only have one week, you don't want to spend the majority of your week in your car. My suggestion would be to pick 2 destinations and split the week. 

It gets dark early!

You might be surprised to know that it gets dark around 6pm everyday in Costa Rica. Here's a fun fact - Costa Rica is very close to the equator! As such, the sun rises about 6am and it is dark close to 6pm. Because it is dark early, you will want to get up early and make the most of the day. Stores and restaurants often close at 5pm. You won't find 24-hour supermarkets in Costa Rica. When in Costa Rica, do as the Costa Ricans do and get up with the sun!

RAD Travel Group is dedicated to helping others create memories and check destinations off their bucket list. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and there is so much to see!


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