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Books That Inspire Wanderlust

Part of the uniform for any avid traveler is a good book. While in trains, planes, or automobiles, a good book can alleviate the boredom and “dead time” that can sometimes come along with a long travel day. It’s also a good idea to read travel books that help you learn or better understand where you are going or desiring to go on your next trip. The more you know about a place, the more you feel connected to that place once you arrive.

Here are some books that are sure to inspire your wanderlust:

Shogun by James Clavell will develop a fascination with Japan and the culture for any curious mind. It takes place in a time long ago; however, the lure of rural Japan’s history is very much apparent and leaves the reader ready to transport.

Villa America by Liza Klaussmann puts the reader right on the French Riviera in the 1920s. It’s a tale of two ex-pats who met, got married, and then created a beautiful life full of entertaining and appreciating the beauty of the Riviera. They have dinner parties and socialize amongst the gorgeous oasis full of charm and fantastic scenery throughout the book. This book will evoke a desire to take in all the luxury and opulence of the South of France.

Circe by Madeline Miller is nothing short of captivating. It’s about Greek mythology and takes place in a mythical world, but a lot of the history of Greece derives from Greek mythology. Many of Greece's iconic structures and notable landmarks are based on this mythology. The connection between current Greece and mythical Greece is still very apparent, establishing a desire to be amongst the land and connected to that period. Circe describes an island of enchantment and mythical wonders. To this day, Greece exhibits a magnetic element and fascinating energy. This book allows the reader to become a part of that world and the overall culture.

The Lost City of Z by David Grann takes the reader on an exciting and adventurous trek through the Amazon jungle combining the expeditions with history about the regions’ demographics, cultures that inhabit the land, and science about the unexplainable wonders of the Amazon. While being captivated by the explorations in this book, there is a lot the reader will learn about the stunning Amazon. The Amazon is so vast and complex yet, straightforward in its incredible beauty, culture, and history. As the reader follows the explorer through the jungle, it is nearly impossible to refrain from wanting to experience those thrills in real life. 

Reading can transport you right to a destination with a simple turn of the page. It gives you a familiarity with a particular location so that when you do visit, it will feel like you have been there before. Any avid reader will tell you how getting wrapped up in a story can make one think their reality is the same as the book. What’s better to do as a traveler than to experience a destination through literature first, then follow up physically with a fantastic trip.

So tell me, what destination do you want to read about?


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