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Roommate Match Program

The RAD Roommate match program is for you if...

You've ever wanted to see a new place but didn't because you didn't have anyone to go with you.

You've ever had people make travel plans with you, only to cancel later. 

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We have the answer !

You don't have to wait anymore! 

Visit all of the destinations on your bucket list and save money too with our complimentary roommate match program! Our goal is to match travelers with other travelers with similar habits and interest. 


How does this work?

1) Select your trip

2) Select Single Occupancy Rate

3) On the registration form when asked if you are interested in being matched with a roommate, select "Yes".

4) Make your deposit!

5) Complete the roommate match survey when you receive it!

6) When you are matched with a roommate, you will be credited the difference in single and double occupancy.


How does this work?

Our goal is to match you with someone with similar habits and interest as you!  

Each traveler that wants to be matched will be asked to complete a survey. 

Some of the questions that are included in the survey are:

Are you a smoker?

Do you sleep with the lights on or off?

Are you and early riser or do you stay up late?

What type of recreational activities to do participate in?

We want you to visit the destination of your dreams! Let's get you booked! You don't have to wait on others anymore!

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